Xxanaxx for YFL

About melancholic sounds and mad-love for hats in our interview with Klaudia Szafrańska, Xxanaxx vocalist and new face for Reserved YFL collection. She visited us in Gdańsk. AB – ALPRAZOLAM , mówi Ci to coś? “Lek psychotropowy, stosowany w leczeniu zaburzeń lękowych, depresji i bezsenności, wkazuje działanie uspokajające”. Składnik xanaxu. KS – Haha, to działka… Read More

1954-2014 Chanel and The Black Jacket Coco Chanel’s love for male-looking garments was already known in early 1950s, when she started to work on the classic black jacket. Minimalism, elegance, simplicity were the main goals. Based on the male coat, Gabrielle designed a feminine jacket that modernized women’s suiting. Soft tweed gave an absolute freedom… Read More

Reserved and Zatoka Sztuki

8th March. Sun, music, fashion and women – that’s how Reserved celebrated at Zatoka Sztuki, Sopot. Read the interview with stylist and get to know what will be necessary in your summer suitcase. Looking forward for Spring, with Marta Siniło and Glamour we checked the newest trends and showed the up-coming SS14 collection: – How… Read More


The French call it jaguette. That used to refer to something as simple as a tunic, a longer piece of material worn by all ancient fashion-ancestors. Hard to believe nowadays with the variety of shapes, colours and patterns. Very easy to accessorize up&down jacket can readily change it’s face from casual to elegant. Worth to… Read More