Cara Delevingne, Cara Delevingne, everywhere Cara Delevingne. Today, with a little lamb, she tells about her favourite meals, the biggest regrets and movies that makes her cry.  (Source:

What is it:

every year different, every year trendy? Click here for the answer. Jeans!  We could write about trendy jeans every following year. No surprises this time. For SS15 Reserved offers everything you need in the topic: high-waisted jeans, boyfriends and flares. See how to get the chic look inspired by stars.  Photos google search.  Visit… Read More

Oh, Lingerie

The true test of maturity is to wake up, in a downtown alley, in only your underwear, as Woody Allen said. In new Reserved Lingerie collection you could wake up everywhere. So beautiful.  All our bras are available in sets, with different knickers. See all collection at and enjoy. Photos Anna Bojarowicz/ Reserved

If you’re in London…

you have the last chance to visit Nick Waplington/Alexander McQueen: Working Process Exhibition. Open in Tate Modern till tomorrow, 17th May. Nick Waplington, Untitled, 2008-2009 This major exhibition presents the result of a unique collaboration between artist Nick Waplington and the acclaimed fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The exhibition reveals the backstage of McQueen’s shows and… Read More

Dream closets

A perfectly-organized closet filled with your favourite clothes – doesn’t it sound like a dream? We checked some inspirations at Pinterest. Isn’t that awesome? How will your dream closet look like?  Photos Pinterest

Popular at runways and international street fashion – wide legs. If you still doubt about having a pair of them, means you’ve missed our previous post. Check it and enjoy shopping with Reserved.

Is this a PRADA store in the middle of nowhere? That would be to easy…  Prada Marfa is a sculpture! It was created in 2005 by the artist duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. It’s a one-room replica of a real Prada store, that we can find everywhere in the world. But this one in… Read More

Happy anniversary, Mr.Armani

Giorgio Armani celebrates his 40th anniversary in business with a beautiful retrospective show in Milan. It’s not the only present he made himself – he opened Armani exhibition space in Milan.  To mark four decades of designing, Giorgio Armani organised a unique fashion show last weekend. It comes with the opening of new exhibition space called Silos. Being the creative director… Read More