All eyes on Brazil

Just after Chanel made a long-distance trip to Cuba (Cuba for Chanel), Louis Vuitton has chosen another Latin American city to unveil its Resort 2017 collection. This is probably the most twisted catwalk ever and the only one facing Rio. Literally. Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2017 Show took place last weekend in Rio de Janeiro, at the Niteròi Contemporary… Read More

Have you ever wondered how Gabrielle Chanel spent her vacation at an Austrian resort in 1954? Karl Lagerfeld did and he made a movie about it.  In a short film for Chanel “Reincarnation”, Karl Lagerfeld recounts a key episode in Gabrielle’s life. The time she spent her vacation at an Austrian resort in 1954, was… Read More

Focus on: Bags

When in 1670 the first trousers with pockets appeared, purses (”the panniers” and decorated sacks) lost their popularity. It did not last too long. Ladies in a moment realized, that a bag is not only for storing… In 13th century a single bag could say a lot about its owner. The most luxury purses were… Read More

Kendall Jenner has attracted a lot of haters, mostly for being rich, privileged and a member of the Kardashian family. What’s a girl to do with all that hate? In a short film for Dazed & Confused the model makes a major nod to the classic teen movie “Mean Girls”. How does her Burn Book… Read More


Cut, re-cut and sew back. Colourful patches, that we all remember from ‘90s are back! Funny phrases, cartoon characters or pop culture gadgets – anything you want. Colourful patches are easy to buy in haberdasheries, but if you are not a handicraft fan, don’t worry. This season many brands and designers felt in love with… Read More

It begins with a humble Postman. An ordinary man who slips into his extraordinary dreams whenever he gets the chance. The hum-drum fades away as he ushers a parade of colourful characters and wild places by PRADA. (Source:

Cuba for Chanel

When Lagerfeld travels for 16 hours with his Chanel Cruise collection, you know something special is about to happen. Karl has proven many times that nothing would stop him. Neither the distance nor the time, and certainly not political issues. Havana, 35 degrees and 170 colourful vintage Cadillacs and Chevrolets passes through the city center. Chanel is… Read More

Everything is constructed, cast, hammered, sawed and finished in her studio. Artist Lane Walkup is our #art and around example of fashion-culture union. Inspired by the fluidity of minimal shapes and the chemistry behind metalwork, Lana pays special attention to detail, structure and fun. Her unique collection of hangers is so adorable, you wouldn’t like… Read More

São Paulo Fashion Week

Looking for Spring street style inspirations? Who not in Brasil, the fifth world’s largest country, full of sunny weather, passion for design, and hosting São Paulo Fashion Week (which kicked off this week). Cover photo Arthur Vahia Photos  Anupreet Bhui