From Ribbon To Runway

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to make perfect pleats? It takes more than half a year for the Couture Dress to be done, from the first muslin pattern to the final haute couture garment. This video tells the story of one dress from birth to runway. Welcome to Dior atelier.


partnered with Visionaire to give us a chance to look inside Dior atelier, where the team has been working hard, bringing creative director Raf Simons’ ideas to life. 

“Couture is a magic word. It conjures thoughts of impeccable craftsmanship, visionary design and legendary fashion moments. But, most of us don’t encounter haute couture very often, unless we’re looking at a celebrity on the red carpet, a model on a catwalk or a mannequin in a museum case. We wanted to get closer to couture – and to get you closer to couture”, we read at Refinery29. This less than 4:30 minutes story will change your way of understanding high fashion. Enjoy.